Sharing a Vision...

Standing in the future... Gila Community College sees itself as an educational organization that is the “Hub of the Community”... a center of learning that is the pride of the community...

...a college that is always given favorable consideration when choosing post‐secondary education and is among the top two for consideration... an organization that is first choice for vocational training and job skills enhancement... a center for art and culture... a center with a vast offering of community interest programs for all ages... an educational organization whose vocabulary does not include “impossible”... an organization that deals in possibilities... a college who holds itself to the highest ethical standards and is goal driven... a second home for staff who take pride in their work and have fun at the same time... they value diversity and culture and all members of the staff share in the “vision”.  Gila Community College is an organization that is constantly creating their future rather than defending the past.


Cobre Valley Institute of Technology
P.O. Box 2656
Globe, AZ 85502

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