Pre-Engineering -- Geology

This program will expose a student to basic Principles of Geology.  Earth materials, external process, internal process, mineral and energy resources, and planetary geology.  Students will get familiar with geological studies as they apply to interactions between humans and Earth, including geologic process & hazards, resources, and global change. 

 This is a one year program offered to high school Juniors and Seniors by CVIT in cooperation with Arizona State University and Central Arizona College.  Students will be assigned a mentor to guide them through the program and transition to post-secondary education.  Students will participate in PAID summer internship at a mining company or ASU research facility.  Classes will take place one day a week in Superior, AZ.

Grade level requirement: 11,12 (One year program, including paid summer internship)
Prerequisites: Completed application, compass placement test
Number of college credits earned: 8*
Career opportunities:

This program of study could be a stepping stone that launches you into a successful career in the mining field.

Before any mining can actually begin, a deposit of the resource needs to be found.  This is the primary work of geologists and geological & petroleum technicians, who travel around the world using tools such as seismic data and core samples to locate deposits of sufficient size and purity for extraction.  Petroleum engineers and mining & geological engineers then formulate the general plan for how the mining operation will be undertaken.  They design, with drafters and engineering technicians, the general structure of the well or mine, and the most efficient method of extraction.  These engineers generally supervise mine and well activities throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, troubleshooting any problems and ensuring smooth operations.  They also work with environmental engineers, who ensure that mine or well sites meet stringent Federal, State, and local regulations.  Envi ronmental regulations make obtaining permits for new projects increasingly difficult and impose substantial penalties should projects fail to meet standards, making proper environmental remediation a necessity for any mining operation.  Environmental engineers also plan reclamation projects when product extraction is complete.  Other engineers who ensure smooth working operations include industrial engineers, who manage the use of workers and equipment for optimum productivity, and mechanical engineers, who ensure that complicated systems for cooling and ventilation are designed and constructed properly.

Average Salery: $82,870 annually ($39.84 hourly)**

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*Number of college credits may change with program improvements

** Gathered from 2010 Occupational Outlook Handbook at

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